Scott Zapotocky, Vice President, Winegrowing

Looking at everything with an eye to the minutiae is how I envision building Capra Vineyards. This starts with fine-tuning ultra-premium grape growing practices block-by-block and carefully calculating new planting development.

Leading the helm for all the vineyards under Capra’s management, Scott brings a seasoned knowledge gained over nearly a decade at Paul Hobbs Winery as Director of Vineyards in addition to his most recent role at J Vineyards & Winery as Director of Vineyard Operations. Scott worked closely with Kathryn and Judy to assess the vineyards bringing his expertise as a land analyst to the forefront. His unique experiences give him the ability to evaluate site quality, wine program potential, development opportunities, and champion rigorous quality standards set by Capra Vineyards and our winery customers.

Scott brings a proven track record of implementing sustainable farming practices, improving personnel health and safety programs, working closely with a myriad of regulatory agencies, and collaborating with winemakers.

Scott gained early agricultural experience through the Peace Corps as a Tree Nursery Manager in Ghana. This foundation of community-based agri-business reinforced his commitment to agronomy. A true Renaissance man, Scott has a Fine Arts degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington with an emphasis on Ceramics. In his off hours, Scott and his family enjoy the Sebastopol countryside.

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